Интернет-магазин саженцев роз. С доставкой по всей России.

You have a garden

You have a garden ….

It is made by a landscape gardener…..

His aim is to create an environment for you…

To put up a barbecue arbour into the proper place…..

To lay out pathes to get recreation areas easily….

To choose the right colour matches the colour of plants….

To create a landscape picture in the garden…..

Make a choise of the finished garden design for quiet contemplation, pacification, calm, relaxation or entertainment.

Certainly, the garden is performing like a living creature, it is performing at any time. Leaves are coming out, sprouts are growing up, flowers are blooming, changing its colour – everything is on the run. A human being is incapable to have an influence upon the nature. Seasonal events taking place into the garden is hardly within the control of a human being. Our goal is to give a chance to a human being to be a creator or resercher of a garden. To be powerful to make form and colour transformation irrespectively of natural or seasonal plants transformation concieved by the great breeders.

Starting from the wild forms, making trial and errors till getting an improvement of shapes, colour, overview of plants and finally till the discovery of the ideal samples of flowers. Flowers combine soft petals with delightful fragrance and incomparable colours.

Antique forms of plants are capable to open the subjects of admiration of people 2-3 centuries ago to understand their liking for fragrance and colours of plants.

Roses are the best decoration of any garden. It is a hard job to grow up roses especially if you have lack of knowledge of planting pecularities. Planting roses in Moscow area is very popular but unortunately local roses look very poor, just like 2 or 3 weak sprouts.

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